Video poker

Playing video poker is very simple, but you should be familiar with the different poker hands. You place a wager, which is done by putting coins in the machine or choosing you bet with buttons online.

A bet must be made to draw cards and can’t be changed after the game has begun. Then, press the button that says “Draw/Deal.” This will bring your cards up on the screen.

Decide what cards you would like to hold and push the “Hold/Cancel button to do so. To change any of the cards you chose to hold, just press the button again to cancel your selection. The screen will flash “hold” under held cards.

Press the Draw/Deal button once more to be dealt new cards to replace the discarded ones. If your hand wins, a pay out will occur and the game will start once again. Some video poker games also has a bonus game in which you can double your winnings. This can look a bit different depending on game, but an example is that the machine shows a card and you should pick a card that is higher than this.

Some video poker games contains a progressive jackpot which usually is paid if the player gets a Royal Flush, but there can be other variations. A progressive jackpot grows until it’s hit because of a small percentage of the players bets are added to the jackpot. Therefor the return on a video poker machine with a progressive jackpot is higher than an identical non-progressive machine. Therefor you will seldom find a progressive jackpot at a Full Pay 6/9 Jacks or Better game.

The good thing about playing video poker is that if you play according simple or optimal strategy the return on a full pay machine can be over 100%. And in theory this will always make you a winner, since your edge is better than the casinos. But the return from playing according to strategies are based on a lot of hands, so be sure you’ll have enough money to hold out.

Some of the most common games in video poker are Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, All American and Joker Poker. My personal favorite is Jacks or Better, since I find this most easy. But I believe the return for Deuces Wild are better. But of course it depends on the machine.