Roulette girlI created this blog because I like online gambling. I think it’s smart that you can sit in your own living room and gamble online. That you don’t have to go to a casino in Las Vegas or Macau. You can even play in your mobile phone or iPad, so you can play almost everywhere as long as internet is around. At least in countries that allow online gambling that Sweden do.

About me and how I started gamble

My name is ├ůsa and I have been playing casino since I was 21. That’s for four years now. I started gambling when I helped a friend translate English articles to Swedish about casino games. I started to gain an interest and my friend inspired me to try it out. He had won a journey to South Africa through an online gambling company and showed me a competition where a journey to Las Vegas was first prize. And I won it! After that I have been gambling a few times a week but always within a budget.

Even in Las Vegas I kept to a budget, putting $100 in an envelop each day to use for gambling. It worked and I actually won around $1000 on that trip playing mainly black jack and roulette.

When playing online I’m always careful not to play when I’m stressed or if I have used alcohol. Because then I’m afraid of making bad decisions and I don’t want to loose money because of that. Therefor I’d rather play during good circumstances and when I’m balanced.

I’m mainly a roulette girl if I have to choose just one favorite game. But I think what’s fun with playing online is the easy access to all kinds of games at the same site. In a real casino you have to walk far between the table and wait for your turn, but with online gambling you’re just a few clicks away.