New and exciting news

Hello again, and sorry for not updating in a while. I’ve had a lot to do and it’s been a busy time, but now I’m back and have the time to write here again!

Much has happened in the casino world since my last post, but I will not be able to describe everything. However I think that there is some news that is worth writing about. It is also the latest news that I’ve found and I think they are really exciting. It is of course a lot of new slots from a lot of the developers. NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, BetSoft and a lot of other developers have just launched their newest slots. Here’s some of them:

Jurassic world – new slot from Mircogaming. Here we get to follow the adventures and the dinosaurs just like in the movie with the same name. It’s really exciting, but really not for the ones with a weak heart. The free spins round and wilds makes it possible to get some really big wins and win a lot of coins. It have made my day a few times, and I can highly recommend to try it at least once.

Butterfly Staxx – this is a slot from NetEnt filled with a lot of magic and wonders. It’s a re-make of the very popular slot Neon Staxx and they have made a great job with it. The butterflies, which is the main thing in the slot, sometimes triggers a re-spin and it continues for as long as more butterflies comes up. This also makes it possible to get really big wins just by spinning one time. You don’t even need to have the maximum bet – it keeps spinning and fills the reels with butterflies. The slot also contains a wild symbol and with this you can get really nice wins.

Spiña Colada from YggdrasilSpiña Colada – a vacation-like slot from Yggdrasil. It is filled to the top with luxury drinks, summer feelings, fruits and ice cubes. The symbols sometimes stick on the reels and will also trigger a re-spin as long as the symbols keep showing up. This will also lead to a very big win, and it’s nice to have since it can fill the entire reel and activate all the paylines. It has a lot of nice features like extra spins, changing symbols and some other stuff. I can highly recommend this as well, since it’s a very fun slot that reminds me of vacation on a beach somewhere. Very nice!

Magic Shoppe – a magical and mystical slot from BetSoft. It takes place in a mystery shop and has a lot of magic touches to it. It’s very exciting and the free spins feature really makes it a bit better. It’s seems to give you a win quite often and from the free spins, you might get a big win as well. A very nice slot for those who likes magic, and I can recommend it to everybody even it magic is not their cup of tea.

If you want to play any of the slots they are launched in the most of the casinos now. If there is a casino that have any other slots from the developer, they are much likely to have this new ones as well. I hope you like them and that they will give you a lot of big wins!


Playing slots

I have told you a little bit about how to play Baccarat and know I want to tell you about playing slots. The goal is to end up with matching symbols in a row. The most common feature is to be paid when getting three symbols in a row, but nowadays that has changed a bit. Especially with slots from Microgaming and Net Ent which has a lot of ways to win. The biggest wins are usually paid when getting five in a row (of course if there’s no bonus game that will give you a jackpot). There are also slots with a win-both-ways-function in which it doesn’t matter if the symbols will match from left or from right, you win either way. There are also slots with other winning combinations and I’m sure you’ve come across slots with the 243-ways-to-win-function.

And even if you have less than three of a kind, some slot machines will still pay out. Payouts will usually vary from machine to machine, so be sure to check the payout schedule. Some casinos have machines with multiple pay lines, which is when you can play with more than one coin and place bets on multiple rows. This increases you chances of winning.

When playing slots an important thing to think about is that the higher your bet is, the higher your winnings will be. This because, your bet is multiplied with the number of coins you will be paid from matching symbols. But, it’s also a bit of a gamble since the higher your bet is, the faster you can loose your money if not getting a winning strike.

Also, when playing slots with a jackpot, the chances of winning the jackpot is often related to the size of the bet. The higher the bet is, the greater are your chances of winning the jackpot. In some slot machines you can’t hit the jackpot if not betting maximum. Be sure to read the information about the slot regarding this.

Playing slots is very easy. In general it’s about placing a bet and press a button. Although, you sometimes can choose a certain number of coins, your level and number of lines to bet on. But as I said before, the higher your bet is, the more winnings you can make. Try out slots for free to see how it works! You can then change the number of coins and level to see how this effect your winnings. At the site bet365 you can play some of the games for fun if you want, read more about bet365 here.

It’s more fun to play when learning the rules. Video slots of today has many features, like bonus games, free spins, wild-symbols, scatter-symbols, sticking wilds, expanding wilds and much more. So even though you can’t do much to effect the outcome of the game, it’s more fun if you know how how symbols works and which ones to hope for. NetEnt is one of the most popular delivers of slots, because the games hold very high quality in graphics, music and features. It’s also NetEnt that provide the famous jackpot-slot Mega Fortune which has provided a gambler with the highest online jackpot. I think it was over €17 million. If I won one of those I would definitely buy a new car the first thing I do! And I would also take a trip around the world and buy a house. But I know the chances of winning are very small.

Other jackpot slots are Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune Dreams, Marvel-slots and The Dark Knight Rising. I myself love to play slots with a jackpot, since it allows me to dream about a better life.

On the site you can find many slots for free, so you can try them out for trial money.