Bonus, bonus, bonus!

bonusNow I have talked a lot about playing different casino games, so now you should be familiar with them. This time I will talk about bonuses and campaigns. As I talked about when choosing an online casino, the bonuses and campaigns can differ a lot depending on casino. In general I try to find casinos with a low wager requirement, but of course this means that the bonus might not be as big as the bonus in a casino with a high wager requirement.

But I rather have a low wager requirement, like 20 times the bonus. If a casino gives you a bonus of 100% up to €100 then you have to deposit 20 x €100, which means €2000 before you can make a withdrawal and keep the winnings. Some casinos has the wager requirement x50, which you now see is very high! There can also be a difference between casinos, in which some casinos apply the wager requirement only for the bonus, while others include your deposit as well. So be sure to read the terms and conditions before you make a deposit. Sometimes you can choose if you want the bonus or not, but in some casinos you’ll get the boons anyway, even if you don’t want it.

I also said somethings about free spins. A very common campaign at todays online casinos is to give out free spins. Either when a new game is released, or if you make a deposit. Or as a welcome gift. Usually the winnings from the free spins also has a wager requirement, but not always. For example, the iGaming Company Paf sometimes has good campaigns in where the winnings will be yours to keep.

The bonuses are not just for new customers. As a loyal customer you are often offered deposit bonuses. The same goes if you haven’t played for long. The casino wouldn’t give out anything for free if they didn’t hope on getting something in return. And of course they want your money. Therefor it’s important to read the terms and conditions and if you know the house edge it’s easy to count with simple mathematics what the theoretical return for you would be when you have wagered your bonus.